Margaret “Meg” Gilmartin

A 2007 graduate of Western New England University School of Law, Ms. Gilmartin spent nearly 30 years in Technical and Operational roles for a variety of manufacturers before her career in the law. Her most recent non-legal role was as Vice President of Global Quality and Regulatory Affairs for a mid-sized adhesive film manufacturer based in the UK. Ms. Gilmartin knows firsthand as a business executive what is required of a legal counsel in a business environment and the breadth of experience to understand the subtle ramifications of the decisions concerning the businesses of her clients. As the former North American General Counsel for this same entity she gained extensive experience in corporate governance, mergers and acquisitions, negotiating and drafting a wide variety of contracts as well as dispute resolution through arbitration and litigation.

“an experienced business executive…an experienced business lawyer”


Bar Admissions

•    New York
•    Connecticut



•    J.D., Western New England University School of Law, 2007
•    M.S. Analytical Chemistry, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 1991
•    B.S. Biology/Physics, State University of New York at Albany, 1980



•    Instructor for Western New England School of Law course on “Lawyering Skills”, January 2015
•    Lecturer for Western New England School of Law on “Experts and Scientific Evidence”, March 2010
•    Lecturer on Business Law at Cayuga Community College, Auburn, NY, March 2008
•    Featured Lecturer at Université du Paris on the Légal Aspects of New X (Nanterre) Product Development as part of Golden Gate University Summer Program on Comparative Law, July 2008
•    “Synthesis of PMMA Star polymers with siloxane cores via Group Transfer Polymerization using silyl ketene acetal functionalized cyclic siloxanes “.; Zhu, Z.; Rider,J.; Yang, C.Y.; Wnek,G.; Gilmartin, “.; M.E, Macromolecules 1993, 25, 7330. “.;


Professional Associations

• New York State Bar Association
Member Business Law Section
Member Corporations Committee
• Saratoga County Bar Association
• Albany County Bar Association


Community Involvement

•    The Legal Project
•    Member of Saratoga County Chamber of Commerce